January 22, 2021

5 Things to Look for in a Pet Friendly Rental Home

There's lots to love about having a pet. For one thing, after a long day, no one is more excited to see you than your dog. Pets provide us emotional support, joy, and of course cuddles! But we know it can sometimes be hard to find a rental home that welcomes everyone in your family, including your pets. Here are a few things to look for when considering a pet friendly rental apartment:

Animal Loving Landlord

If you've got a pet and you're a renter, you know that a lot of landlords either don’t allow pets at all or, when they do allow pets, they often have breed and size restrictions. A trend we're seeing is that more and more new, purpose-built rental buildings are welcoming pets.

One of the really great things about having a landlord who loves pets is, chances are they will attract lots of pet owners to live in that building, which means plenty of doggy friends for your dog!

Convenient Pet Waste Removal

Pookt at Brewery District

Taking care of the basics is important. Along with daily walks, comes the issue of what to do with those little waste bags. You'll want to know if you'll have an easy place to dispose of your pet's waste every day. Companies like Pookt specialize in pet waste disposal and will even go as far as recycling the waste and plastic bags. At The Westminster, you'll find green Pookt bins in convenient locations throughout our community.

Enclosed Dog Wash

Dog Wash at The Westminster Rental Homes

Bringing your dog on a hike or to the park is a great pastime for both you and your dog, but the muddy paw prints they bring home are less than great. Trying to wash your dog in a tub or shower built for humans is a pretty unenviable task. This is why having an enclosed washing area that is separate from your apartment is definitely a convenience! And, they can shake off the water without risk of soaking your entire rental home.

Convenient Off-Leash Dog Areas

Best Pet Amenities Vancouver Rental Homes

Having an area where you can take your dog for some much-needed activity is good for your dog's health. Look for walking trails and parks with an off-leash area nearby and take them somewhere they can socialize with other dogs or just chase a ball. Some buildings even include enclosed dog runs or dog parks. At The Westminster, we've included a sprinkler system in our dog park that runs every night to keep the space fresh.

Furry Friend Friendly Floors

Apartments for pets in Vancouver

Inside, look for hard surface flooring like vinyl plank, laminate or tiles. These types of floors are easier to clean than carpets, which can absorb pet odors and trap pet hair.

Wherever you're looking, it's important to find a rental home that your pet will love too.

To learn more about rental opportunities at The Westminster, contact us at 604.523.0311 or thewestminster@wesgroup.ca.