June 14, 2019

Another Beer Co. Now Open in Sapperton

With the arrival of summer, we're always looking for the best spot to cool down with a beverage. The newest addition to New West – Another Beer Co. is now open!

Located on Capilano Way, Another Beer Co. is an eight-minute drive, or a 15-minute walk, from the Brewery District. This makes it the perfect destination to catch up with your friends, family and co-workers.

Historic Sapperton, once home to Labatt Breweries, has a history rooted in beer and breweries, but the industry has been absent from the community for quite some time. Another Beer Co. is bringing this industry, and fresh beer, back to the community and we are here for it!
But – if you want Another Beer, you’ll have to stop by Sappterton because they aren’t being sold anywhere else.


As one of BC’s “Most Anticipated Breweries,” Another Beer Co. takes its brews to another level in its small, but unique art-focused space. The new brewery has 16 taps and collaborates with local breweries to create a large selection of beers. So, every time you visit you'll have Another Beer to try.

Whether you've spent the day exploring with your furry friend or checking out events nearby, there's Another Beer for everyone. The brewing company is confident the community of Sapperton will love its fresh brews and unique interior. With temperatures on the rise, Another Beer Co. is a must-visit this summer.

We can’t wait to stop by this space and quench our thirst with Another Beer annnnnd Another Beer...

Learn more about Another Beer Co. here or stop in for a beer at #11-30 Capilano Way.