October 9, 2018

Brewery Business: Meet Anthony from Level 10 Fitness

We're proud to highlight our Level 10 Fitness as our feature Brewery Business this Fall. We understand the importance of recreation and fitness in building a community. That’s why we are excited to have Level 10 Fitness within Brewery District. Our 10,000 sqft Club Central is an exclusive residents-only clubhouse, with full gym and entertainment facilities. Operating out of the premium facilities at Club Central, Level 10 Fitness offers a variety of one-on-one or small group training sessions to help Brewery District residents achieve your goals.

We spoke with Anthony Findlay, former professional athlete, trainer to the pros, and founder of Level 10 Fitness. Read on to find out what he had to say.

How did your love of fitness start?

I had 2 older brothers who were very athletic, so keeping up with them was always my goal. I had a lot of energy when I was younger. I used to get up early and run around the block since I was 8 or 9 and started playing organized sport (soccer) when I was 6.

You founded Level 10 over 20 years ago. What inspired you to open your own fitness company? 

I started another company with university friends 2 years earlier and when things weren't going in the direction we had originally intended, I was ready to start my own business. I had played in the CFL and was well entrenched on the North Shore and around the city from various sports and friendships. These great connections made the transition to being on my own much easier.

What different types of fitness programs can people find at Level 10 Fitness? 

We offer a myriad of programs and services. One-on-one personal training and active rehab that caters to your individual needs. Whether it be getting over an injury or accomplishing and setting a new goal, we have a successful track record of achieving results with every client. We have clients that have lost 100 lbs, are recovering from chemotherapy, have solved their diastasis, and are on an NHL team.  We also offer small group training, a variety of classes and staff with specific skill sets and knowledge that are unique in the fitness industry all in one setting.

Level 10 works with everyone from beginners to professional athletes. For a beginner looking to start a fitness program, how do you recommend they get started?

I recommend they do an assessment first where we can pinpoint immediate needs and match them with the client's wants. This simple process takes around an hour and with it we can determine most of the client's joint and muscle active ranges of motion, passive ranges of motion, postural grade and possible red flags that need addressing promptly.

You’ve worked extensively with high-performance athletes. Do their customized fitness programs use a lot of the same tools / equipment as a recreational athlete?

Yes, the elite Olympians and pro athletes in virtually all sports that we service use mostly all of the same equipment. We just may tweak the angle, the speed of movement, the weight used and the cuing we use to get their specific results.

What is your favourite thing about being located at the Brewery District?

The location of the Brewery District is outstanding. It has access to great neighbouring businesses that we frequent, as do our clients at Club Central. Transportation is never an issue and the new community that Wesgroup is creating mixes a clean and professional environment with the historical charm that New West offers.

What do you like most about New Westminster?

I appreciate the vibrancy of the community. There are people from all walks of life and backgrounds that are proud to call New West their home. There is a rich sporting history, a cultural heritage, a variety of parks and green spaces and it is family oriented.

What’s your motto?

Take Your Game to The Next Level.

Our goal is: To provide a safe environment where each client receives effective and reliable results.

To learn more about Anthony and Level 10, visit level10fitness.com.

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