October 12, 2018

The Columbia Construction Update – Autumn 2018

The Columbia Construction Update

Our construction team at Brewery District has been busy. Now that work has progressed above the lower floors, we are working on concrete suspended slabs for the third and fourth floor homes and the townhomes. Concrete suspended slabs are the technical term for the layers of concrete that form part of the floor under your feet and the ceiling above. The concrete is reinforced with steel reinforcing bars, otherwise know as rebar.

Image of The Columbia Construction Site

In addition to the vertical progress, the rough-in work for the parkade is moving forward. This means that an assortment of lines, including plumbing pipes, duct work and electrical conduit, are put in place in preparation for final connections later on. In the coming months, we will focus on vertical progress, including creating suspended slabs for homes above the fourth floor.

Rental Homes Construction Update

If you've been to Brewery District lately, you'll have noticed that The Westminster, the 18-storey rental tower next to The Columbia, now has most windows in place and balcony railing installation is beginning. We will be continuing work on The Westminster throughout the Fall and into this Winter. We're looking forward to welcoming renters into their new homes early next year.

The Westminster Construction Photo

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