June 14, 2019

The Columbia Construction Update – June 2019

As we step into June with summer on the horizon, construction at The Columbia continues moving onward and upward. In fact, we’re nearing another major milestone. We're up to floor 26 - the top residential floor of The Columbia! With another 30 feet to go, the building is quickly nearing its end height of 245 feet. Within the next month, the roof will be poured with concrete and the distinctive detailing on the top of the building will be installed.

Over the next few months, the inside of the building will see major progress. The cyclical construction of the building continues at a weekly pace, with each floor seeing new progress week by week. As mentioned in our last update, our crews continue to install windows and are now up to the 17th floor. With the natural elements blocked out on these floors, the interiors are beginning to look more and more like home. After the window installation shown above, the steel studded frames are laid out to create the walls for each suite. This is a big step in development, giving more structure to the building's interior and separating your home from your neighbours!

As our construction and trades crews work on a weekly schedule per floor, the lower floors have seen significant progress since our last update. Up to the 7th floor the sprinklers have been installed and tested. Next, the insulation and drywall will be installed. After the drywall's installation, your home really starts to take shape. Since the drywall was completed on the first floor, the walls and ceilings have been prime-painted and cabinets will be installed later this month.

Also near completion on the first floor is The Columbia's mock-up suite, which is a 'fast-tracked' suite. This suite is finished early to give our crews an easy reference for what the finished features will look like in each suite. This includes the lighting, flooring, tiling, cabinetry, trim and hardware.
The mock-up suite helps maintain consistency throughout every Wesgroup building (as seen above).

We can't wait for you to see your new home and get settled into Brewery District living. Keep watching as the building continues to grow over the next few weeks.