March 29, 2018

The Columbia Construction Update – Spring 2018

Since our last construction update, we've made significant progress on all 3 levels of the parkade and we're in the process of pouring the concrete columns of the top level of parking (P1).

If you've been to The Brewery District lately, you'll have noticed a few pieces of large equipment onsite, including a crane and a concrete placing boom. The crane and boom both help lift and move supplies like concrete, wood for forming, and reinforcing steel into place.

From the podium level on Nelson's Crescent, you can now see rebar and hints of the building peaking above the signage.

On the West side of The Columbia, you'll see our upcoming rental building - The Westminster - under construction.

In the coming months, we'll focus on building the first residential levels. This means that we're now getting ready to begin the early stages of creating your future living spaces. We'll start by building the main level 1 floor and the support columns for level 2. The main entrance level 1 has a significant amount of work due to it being the transfer level for all the upper floors to the columns down in the parkade to the footings below; in many places it is over 3 feet deep with concrete and reinforcing steel.

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