July 12, 2018

The Columbia Construction Update – Summer 2018

Since our last construction update, we have completed the parkade and are now well underway on the first floor of The Columbia at Brewery District. The first floor of the building is directly above the parkade and is a significant focus as on it will be the first level of residential homes, the main lobby, and the central park and green space area.

The future park area will be created on top of a suspended concrete podium level, which is currently being built. Planting materials will be placed on top of the concrete slab closer to overall completion. Using the rendering above and the image shown below, you can begin to visualize the outdoor amenity space of The Columbia.

Our future townhome residents will be excited to learn that we've begun work on their homes. As you can see labelled #2 in the image below, the footprint of your home is now in place and we are currently working on pouring the concrete for the townhomes' main floor.

Construction Update: Outdoor Amenities and Townhomes

Progress on the first floor's residential homes is well underway. If your home is on the ground floor, we anticipate that the concrete base of your floor will be completed by the middle of July. For those with condos in higher levels, you can look forward to seeing our vertical progress floor by floor as we make progress over the summer and into the fall.

In the image below, you can see the concrete section of the upper level of the parkade where electrical rooms and storage lockers will be (3). In time, this area will be covered by extending from the ground floor residential homes (4). Our ground floor homeowners will soon be able to picture themselves enjoying a drink and a barbecue on their beautiful patio.

We are also making progress on the main lobby. As portrayed in the image below, the structural steel columns for the elevator shaft (5) have been established and the foundation for the main lobby (6) is ready for reinforcing steel to be added and concrete to be poured.

Construction Update: Elevator and Lobby

In the coming months, we will focus on completing the substantial first level of The Columbia and progressing to the next floors. Because it is the transfer level for all upper floors to the columns in the parkade to the footings below, there is a significant amount of time, work and concrete required to complete the first floor. Over the summer you can see our vertical progress from retail level as we continue to build The Columbia floor by floor.