February 28, 2019

The Columbia Construction Update – Winter 2019

Since our last update, The Columbia building has seen substantial vertical growth. The building structure is now up to the 12th floor and we’re moving upwards at a pace of one floor per week.

We’re now forming the concrete slab on the 13th floor. Concrete slabs are the layers of concrete that form the dividers between each floor - the ceiling of the home below and the floor of the home above. 

A major milestone in new construction is the addition of windows. Once windows are installed, blocking the elements out, we can focus on the next steps inside your home. At this point, window installation has commenced for homes on the lower floors, including up to the 3rd floor in the tower and the 1st and 2nd floor of the townhomes. For the homes above the 3rd floor, the team has started rough in piping in preparation to install windows.

Inside homes on the lower floors, now that windows are being installed, we’ve begun framing the steel stud framed walls within each home, which will eventually be drywalled once the rough-in electrical and mechanical work are completed.

Within the parkade, we are in the process of installing concrete masonry blocks. These concrete masonry blocks create the walls and dividers for storage lockers, bike lockers and hallways. The team is currently working on parkade level 2 and 3 and will work their way up to parkade level 1. On parkade level 1, the electrical trades are on site starting to install the main transformer and parkade lighting fixtures.

With the construction team working their way further up the building, there are different machinery and tools on site. If you drive by The Columbia, you will notice a tower crane. The crane is used to move larger items and materials into the building and on the floors the team is working on. This includes moving reinforcing steel, large tables for forming the concrete floors, mechanical equipment and more.

You may also notice the material lift hoisted on the North side of the building. The material lift began running this month and will help us get all the finishing supplies into the building for building out your home.

The team is in full force working hard to complete your home. Keep an eye out on The Columbia as we continue to progress each floor.