October 8, 2020

Murals at The Columbia

Steps from Sapperton SkyTrain Station, The Columbia is the latest completed development in the Brewery District. This past summer, we welcomed new homeowners to our growing community and to add more vibrancy to Level P1, we had local artist Andrew Tavukciyan create two abstract murals inspired by the industrial elements of the former Labatt brewery site. 

How did you get your start in painting murals? 

I got started painting murals in 2016 by volunteering for the Vancouver Mural Festival and helped out other artists with their murals until I learned enough to be able to apply for my own. I painted my first large scale mural for the festival in 2017 after entering a contest and being selected by the public. 

What was your inspiration for the mural at The Columbia? 

The direction I was given for the mural was that the site is on the former Labatt Brewing Company site and to incorporate some of the industrial elements. I spent some time researching different brewing equipment and from there the designs came together quite quickly, as I had already been referencing certain industrial elements in my recent personal work. 

What is your process in creating a mural like this? 

My process starts with coming to see the wall in person. I'll take the necessary measurements to create a digital template, so that I can work on the draft on my iPad. I'll create the draft digitally and then translate that onto the wall with either a projector, freehand or a grid. Because these murals are in a hallway I couldn't project. So I used a combination of free handing and measurements from my drafts. Once the design is on the wall, I'll start painting the main colour fills, then the shading colours and finally the black outline to clean everything up. 

How long did it take for you to create this mural? 

These two murals took just over four weeks to complete, around 200 hours total. 

Follow Andrew on Instagram: @tavukciyan

Andrew's murals are a great addition to our building, providing an enhanced living experience for our homeowners and we’re excited to continue to support the art community and partner with local talented artists for our future projects.