January 20, 2020

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU | Level Up Your Fitness Routine

The New Year is a time to make resolutions and feel like you can start fresh. Whether you're a parent stretched between kids' activity schedules, juggling a busy schedule, or don't know where to start with your new goals, we asked our friend Anthony Findlay of Level 10 Fitness to help us put together some tips on staying motivated, sticking to your fitness routine, and exercising on the go.

Meet Anthony Findlay

Anthony is the founder of Level 10 Fitness, which operates our Club Central fitness facility at Brewery District. Anthony has an impressive background of experience; he has trained 13 Olympic medalists, 12 world champions, and over 200 World Cup podium winners. In the gym, he teaches a variety of sports, as well as strength and conditioning.

Below are some of Anthony's tips for your New Years' fitness goals.

Gym at Club Central in Brewery District.

How should I start?

According to Anthony, “finding what works for you is the most important thing you can do when starting a workout program. An assessment by a qualified specialist, such as a physiotherapist, athletic therapist, or a personal trainer, will help you find out what you need and how to combine it with what you want.” There are several training philosophies and approaches to fitness, so you're sure to find something that works with your lifestyle and body.

Knowing what to do in the gym once you're there can also be daunting. Some options to help with this are to get a personal trainer, go to a group class, watch some videos online or through a workout app, or ask the qualified workers at your gym. They would love to give you some tips.

"In general, as long as you're moving 30 minutes a day, you're off to a great start," says Anthony. It doesn't matter what exactly you're doing in those 30 minutes, as long as you're continually moving. As you start feeling more comfortable, you can increase the time, intensity, or activities that you're doing.

Two people playing squash in the courts at Club Central.

How much should I be working out?

We recommend that you try to exercise 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. However, don't feel discouraged if you can't do 30 minutes right away, aiming for a smaller amount of time, like 10 minutes is a great place to start. Anthony also recommends stretching as an activity to do since you are still in an active state, but your heart-rate is considerably lower than during other exercises.

For people with a busy schedule, what are some ways to stay active?

“First of all, without your health, you have no energy for your work or your kids.” Make the conscious effort to look after yourself first, because it will help in every other aspect of your life.

When you’re busy, finding time to work out in a gym can be difficult, but you can exercise on the go or while you're waiting. Some things you can try doing are stretching, walking and jogging, and push-ups, squats and bridge exercises. These can all be done at home or while waiting for your kids to finish their sports or activities.

Choosing to do things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator really does make a difference. Plus, they cost nothing!

Girl in Warrior two pose in a Yoga Studio.

How do I keep myself motivated?

Anthony has found that people usually stop going to the gym because they lack direction, a set of goals to achieve, or a structured routine that is achievable yet challenging. He recommends setting both immediate and long-term goals and consistently tracking your progress so you'll have the desire to move forward.

Another reason is people's busy schedules. “I recommend trying to have an overall, more active lifestyle. Like I said above, doing exercises anytime you have a chance will help in making sure you're active every day." It's the little daily changes that start to change your mentality of physical exercise and will make you feel better. Some exercise is always better than no exercise.

What does it mean to have an active lifestyle?

An active lifestyle means that you are making the daily choice to be physically active. The best results from an active lifestyle come when they work alongside having healthy eating and sleeping habits. When you feel better, you tend to make healthier choices and reward yourself in all areas. Motivation to go back to the gym or doing more fitness activities outside quickly follow.

Anthony recommends a few small changes that you can make to live a healthier lifestyle, including:  going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, eating fresh and colourful food, and drinking more water. Don't diet - change your lifestyle instead! The results will be long-lasting and significant.

Our lives are busy, so try exercising in the morning since it's beneficial for your whole day. When at the gym, try switching up what you're doing so you stay interested. "Do cardio one day, weights another, core and stretching the next -- variety keeps it fresh and fun," says Anthony. Not only does switching up your workout keep it interesting, but it also makes sure all your muscles are being activated leading to a balanced physique.

Starting to go to the gym and making a routine can be difficult, but every little step towards your goal is a success. Keep pushing and get active!

Girl doing squats with weights at Club Central.

What are Five Basic Exercises? 

Squat: This is an important movement you do daily and may not even know it. Every time you get up from a couch or pick something up from the ground. Squatting helps with balance and activates all of your lower body muscles.

Hip-Bridge: This exercise helps reduce lower back pain. It activates your rear kinetic chain and core, which strengthens your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Push-up: One of the great things about push-ups is that you can adjust the movement to match your strength and fitness level appropriately. For example, you can do them against a wall, on your knees, off a bench, with a leg in the air, while clapping in-between sets, and in a variety of other ways. By doing push-ups, you are activating your anterior core, pecs, shoulders, and triceps.

Row: The pulling movement that your body does while it rows is incredibly helpful for posture because it provides upper body muscular balance. Level 10 Fitness recommends doing a few reps daily of chest and shoulder stretching with scapulae and self - postural correction to help counteract the position we sit in for long periods while at a computer, looking at our phones, or driving. Similar to push-ups, rows and pulling exercises can be done in a variety of ways, which makes it available for every skill and fitness level.

Cardio: Cardio is fantastic for your heart! No matter how intense you're going, having your heart rate increase steadily for 30 minutes a day helps with weight loss, reduces susceptibility to many chronic diseases, improves sleep, improves mood, reduces stress, and more. We promise you'll start to feel better if you get moving, even if it's just for 10 minutes.

Level 10 at Brewery District

Brewery District’s Club Central is professionally managed by Anthony’s Level 10 Fitness team. This means Brewery District residents have access to a private residents-only space that includes both a gym and other entertainment spaces. Level 10 Fitness offers a variety of one-on-one sessions or small group classes with dedicated fitness professionals.

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