September 24, 2019

The Columbia Construction Update: Fall 2019

At The Columbia, we're preparing for a significant milestone. The construction crane that's been a fixture on site for the last 2 and a half years is coming down. Now that we've reached the full height of the building, the crane will be removed, piece by piece in early October.

Inside, each suite is beginning to look more and more like the home you'll move into. In fact, homes on the first 2 floors are now "locked off". This means that we’ve finished work in these homes and only very limited access is permitted, which ensures the homes stay pristine.

Further up the building, homes on floors 9 and 10 have flooring and cabinetry installed. As work is ongoing in your home, you'll see protective covers on your countertops and flooring, similar to the photo below.

Brewery District Construction Image

Higher up, homes on floor 17 are starting to take shape, with drywall installation ongoing. Most windows are now installed throughout the entire building.

As work on the homes continues, there is still a lot to do before The Columbia is ready for move in. Over the next few months, we'll finish the remaining homes, as well as continue work on the common areas, amenities, and landscaping.