February 12, 2020

The Columbia Construction Update: February 2020

Things are looking up at The Columbia as the building is coming closer to completion. Most homes on the lower and middle floors are going through various reviews by our construction and Customer Care teams, while homes at the very top of the building have some final finishing work underway.

Lower Floors | 1-10

Our construction team has completed their final quality control checks, and now our Customer Care team is reviewing homes in the lower floors, marking anything that needs to be touched-up, and getting homes clean and spotless as they prepare for homeowner orientations. Once Customer Care has completed their reviews on the lower floors, orientations will begin shortly after.

Middle Floors | 11-20

On the middle floors, homes have countertops, backsplash tiling, and appliances, window blinds, and mirrors in place. Homes are now under quality control reviews by our Construction team; our Customer Care team will be following up with their detailed reviews shortly after.

Upper Floors | 21-26

Drywall installation is complete on the upper floor homes, and the final coats of paint are being applied. In the kitchen, countertops and backsplash tiling are in place. The finishing of electrical and plumbing final fixtures is underway for the homes at the very top (as shown). Once the final fixture installation is complete, window blinds, mirrors, shelving, and appliances will be added to the homes.

Common Areas

Elevators have undergone final inspections and protective paper covering the hallways will be peeled back once construction is complete. New lighting has been installed in the lobby, and the inset carpet will soon be in place. Outside, the hardscape walkways are almost complete and the soft landscaping will follow shortly after.