November 22, 2019

The Columbia Construction Update: November 2019

The Columbia is looking more like home every day. A few weeks ago, we took down the large construction crane, which had been on site for the last 2 and a half years. The last major task for the crane was to bring windows up to homes on the upper floors and now that all homes have windows, it was time for the crane to come down.

Removing this large structure took nearly a week, and we captured the whole thing in the time-lapse video below:

Lower Floors | 1-10

If your home is on a lower level floor, then it looks very close to how it will look when it’s time for you to move in.

The focus for homes in this group is Wesgroup’s comprehensive quality control process. The quality control process involves many steps. Homes get a ‘post-construction’ cleaning, followed by a thorough review by our Construction team. Any touch-ups that need to happen are identified and addressed. Then, our Customer Care team begins their detailed reviews and any further touch-ups are again identified and addressed and more cleanings take place.

Our Customer Care team is currently reviewing homes on the second floor and will work their way up all 26 floors of the building.

Finished Kitchen - The Columbia Lower Floors

Middle Floors | 11-20

Homes on the middle floors are really taking shape. Inside, you’ll see that many of the major elements of your future home are already in place.

Drywalling is complete in all middle floor homes and washer and dryers are in place.

In the kitchens, cabinets are being installed and dishwashers are in place. Most homes now have countertops, and backsplash tiling, and final appliance installations, including fridge and stove ranges are either underway or starting soon.

Next, comes the addition of window blinds and mirrors.

Kitchens Under Construction The Columbia Brewery District

Upper Floors | 21-26

The structural elements of the upper floor homes are in place, including steel studs that define wall formation and placement, and concrete flooring. Electrical wiring, sprinklers, insulation, and drywall installation is underway. Once drywall is added, walls will be mudded and sanded, and prime painted with their first coat of paint.


Hardscaping is in progress as gravel is being put in for the basis of walkways, and stairs are being built. Soon, irrigation systems will be put in place along with landscaping. Amenities like the future outdoor terrace and dining area are being cladded.

If you’re travelling by on the SkyTrain or along Brunette Ave, you can see that the Sappers sign has been installed alongside the decorative bubble motif elements.

Looking forward, our Customer Care team will continue to be a presence on site alongside our Construction teams as we work towards completing The Columbia.